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1, NRR (NORAK RITH) Name of shop owner’s son
It’s talk about Earmuff H9A

2, NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) it’s the technical word of Ear Plug or Earmuff H9A
The NRR is a single number rating which is required by law to be shown on the label of each hearing protector sold in the United States. The NRR is specified by 40 CFR code of Federal Regulations, Part 211, Product Noise Labeling, Subpart B – Hearing Protection Devises. It (the NRR) is independent of the noise spectrum in which it is applied.
The values of sound attenuation used for calculation of the NRR are determined in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974, “American National Standard for the Measurement of Real-Ear Hearing Protector Attenuation and Physical Attenuation of Earmuffs.” The NRR calculation assumes a pink noise with octave-band levels of 100dB. Thereafter various correction factors for C-weighting scale and A-weighting scale are introduced. The octave-band noise levels are logarithmically summed to obtain the overall sound level in dB(C) and dB(A). The NRR is computed by subtracting 3 dB from the difference between the unprotected C-weighted and the protected A-weighted levels at the ear.


NRR SAFETY FIRST COMPANY, established in 2010 but in 2020, our website: was broken and could not be operated, so we decided to launch website: instead until now, we dedicated to supply high class products for various industries. We are proud of the products we have done on the business. It is our goal to have the best safety supply site, with the best shipping and delivery in the business. Our main purpose is to provide our customers with today’s most popular safety products. The whole idea is to protect the working-man with safety gear that is comfortable, Safe, and Stylish. Moreover, if your company or organizations want us to present of our products safely look forward to serving you a date.
As a result of relentless efforts, NRR Safety First has become a trusted distributor of genuine products from Korea, Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, China, 3M USA, and Thailand. There are popular brand such as: 3M, KOKEN. YAMADA. TAKUMI. HONEYWELL. DUPOUNT, DELTAPLUS, KING and PIUSI.
One thing we pride ourselves upon is customer service. We may not be the largest supply company in the business, but we try to be most flexible to your needs. All of our team will do whatever it takes to fulfill your expectations.
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